Primerus Products Spot Spitter (formally Roberts)

  • The SPOT-SPITTERĀ® product line is the most cost-effective, versatile solution for all your  nursery and greenhouse applications.
  • All stock stakes are Standard HS 160 degree, 90 degree, or 360 degree.  (See chart below under color)
  • We can special order the Standard DS, Tall HS , Tall DS or Short HS.  
  • Please contact us for pricing.
  • Stocked stakes are sold individually or in bags of 100.
  • Note!!  10 bags or more $12.80 bag 


(HS = Horizontal Spray  /  DS = Down Spray)

8DT-62BL .29 GPMBLACKHS1.1#$0.17$14.90
8DT-63BL.29 GPMBLACKDS1.1#$0.17$14.90
8DT-62DG.22 GPMDARK GREENHS1.1#$0.17$14.90
8DT-63DG.22 GPMDARK GREENDS1.1#$0.17$14.90
8DT-62LG.12 GPMLIGHT GREENHS1.1#$0.17$14.90
8DT-63LG.12 GPMLIGHT GREENDS1.1#$0.17$14.90
8DT-62OR.08 GPMORANGEHS1.1#$0.17$14.90
8DT-63OR.08 GPMORANGEDS1.1#$0.17$14.50
8DT-62BN .13 GPMBROWN (90 dg)HS1.1#$0.17$14.50
8DT-62GY.06 GPMGREY (90 dg)HS1.1#$0.17$14.50
8DT-62GE.21 GPMBLUE (360 dg)HS1.1#$0.17$14.50

Please call to verify pricing.  Prices subject to change without notice.

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